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School of Music Facilities Reservations Forms and Information

Facilities/Recital Reservation Form (School of Music users)
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Reservation Form for Outside Users (non-School of Music users)
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General Information

Many students use our classrooms, practice rooms, rehearsal areas, and Whitmore Recital Hall every day. Instructors should check rooms after every class for room order and security. Audio cabinets and doors should be locked, and windows should be closed and locked, unless another class is coming in for the next period. Please make a check list and see that all equipment that goes out of a room or building is returned immediately, or on the day following its use, and put back where it belongs.

Guide for the Use of the Bösendorfer Piano

I. Members of the piano faculty are authorized to play the Bösendorfer piano. Its use shall be limited to conventional pianoforte literature, i.e., no "prepared piano, or such action as plucking strings, or hammering strings with foreign objects." All requests for the use of the Bösendorfer shall be subject to final approval by the keyboard area coordinator.

II. Guest Artist appearances: The piano faculty will screen and the keyboard area coordinator will approve the use of the Bösendorfer for guest artist appearances in Whitmore Recital Hall. The same procedure will determine those occasions when the piano shall be moved to Jesse Hall for performance.

III. Faculty Performances: The Bösendorfer may be used at the discretion of the faculty performer involved.

IV. Student Performances (all must be approved by the piano faculty):

  1. MM Performance Degree Hearings and Recitals
  2. BM Performance Degree Hearings and Recitals
  3. Undergraduate and graduate accompanying degree programs
  4. Selected Piano Performance Classes (Piano faculty member must be present)
  5. Final applied piano exams for Piano Majors and Concentrations

V. Special Circumstances:

  1. State Music Teachers Conventions
  2. Guest Master Classes as approved by the piano faculty
  3. Duo Piano Recitals or works that require the use of two pianos

VI. Additional Provisions and Responsibilities

  1. The faculty member concerned and the piano area coordinator will be responsible for the safe transport (on and off stage) of the instrument, insofar as the Whitmore Recital Hall is concerned.
  2. The extent of rehearsal hours shall follow the traditional guidelines currently in operation for the Whitmore Recital Hall.

Reservation and Use of the School's Harpsichord

Faculty members may reserve the Martin harpsichord for their own and their students' recitals and associated practice time. The instrument is located in 245 FAB-M.

Notice must be given to Dr. Wenger, the faculty member supervising the instrument, at least four weeks in advance of the date the instrument is required. If this deadline is met, the instrument will be moved to Whitmore Recital Hall at an appropriate time, tuned once before the rehearsals begin, and tuned again just before the recital.

Faculty should also be aware that the instrument is used heavily for teaching purposes in the early part of the fall semester of Piano Literature class. Requests to use the instrument during this time should be limited.

Piano Tuning and Repair

The School establishes a regular piano tuning schedule for all school instruments. This includes approximately biweekly tuning of the concert instruments in Whitmore Recital Hall, and less frequent tuning for those instruments in classrooms, studios, and practice rooms. When tuning or repair becomes necessary outside of this standard schedule, the services are to be requested by completing a form and leaving it in the mailbox of Lucy Urlacher,the School of Music’s Tuner-Technician. Blank forms may also be found in her mailbox.

Student Responsibilities for Use of Practice Rooms

  1. No smoking or tobacco use in practice rooms or surrounding areas.
  2. No food or beverages in practice rooms.
  3. Do not use equipment in the practice rooms for purposes other than those for which it is intended (i.e., a piano is not intended to be used as a desktop).
  4. If a person who is scheduled to practice is not in his/her room by ten minutes after the class period begins, then anyone may use the room. During hours marked “open,” the room will be available to all students on a first-come basis.
  5. Because of the possibility of theft, instruments, books, and personal items should not be left in the practice rooms.
  6. You must have been issued a key card in order to use the practice rooms between 5:00 p.m. and closing during the weekdays and when the building is open on weekends.
  7. Since a large number of people use the practice rooms during the day and night, it would be appreciated if everyone would help keep the rooms neat and clean. Please pick up any trash found in the rooms and place it in the proper container.

Key Cards

The School of Music has installed a key-card door system for evening and weekend hours to provide a measure of security and protection for those students practicing in the building when classes are not meeting. The key card ensures that each student entering the building has official permission to do so; unauthorized persons are thus prevented from entering the practice facilities area, from using and perhaps harming any instruments, and from endangering authorized students. In accepting a key card, the recipient signs an agreement which states that he/she accepts the following responsibilities: (1) to maintain personal possession of this card at all times, (2) not to loan this card to others or permit others to use their card, and (3) to return this card to the Music Office on or before the last day of the final examination period at the end of each semester. According to the signed agreement, failure to return the card (by either loss or neglect) will result in a $25 charge being imposed. If this charge is not paid, students may be prevented from enrolling in future classes, receiving a diploma, or receiving a transcript from the university. Use of the practice rooms by students who are not enrolled in music courses during the fall and winter semesters is not permitted except by special permission.

Scheduling Recitals and Performances

  1. The School of Music Office staff begins to build a concert and recital schedule for an academic year by soliciting requests for dates for faculty recitals and major ensemble concerts in the preceding spring and summer. By the beginning of the academic year in August, a fairly complete schedule of these events will be printed, and reservations for these events will be made for Whitmore Recital Hall, Jesse Auditorium, or other appropriate venue. This forms the core of the year's concert/recital schedule.
  2. Subsequent requests for concert and recital dates-requests for other faculty recitals not received by the deadline, student solo and small ensemble recitals, and any changes to the original schedule-must be submitted to the faculty or staff member charged with responsibility for scheduling the Whitmore Recital Hall and other school facilities. (Usually by the beginning of the academic year it is no longer possible to schedule any events in Jesse Auditorium; its schedule will be filled with university Concert Series events, MSA Concert Series events, lectures, presentations and many other university presentations.)
  3. Faculty will need to consult the official Whitmore Recital Hall online calendar to determine what times might be available.
  4. Requests for performance times that conflict with previously scheduled School of Music events will normally not be accepted.
  5. Facilities/Recital Reservation form (PDF Version) / (Word Version) for requesting time in Whitmore Recital Hall are available in the form file located in Room 138. Each form must contain complete information and must be signed by a faculty member (not a student or teaching assistant).
  6. All student recitals held in Whitmore Recital Hall (both degree and non-degree recitals; solo/duo performances and chamber ensembles) will be recorded. The School of Music recording technician will not record student recitals or ensemble concerts given at other sites on campus or off campus. A recital fee of $50 will be required for all individual student recitals. This fee helps defray all costs associated with recitals and includes one compact disc recording in a slim-line case. The recital fee must be paid in the office, 140 Fine Arts Building, when the date for the recital is reserved. The recital date will not be confirmed until the fee is paid.
      Following is the fee structure for shared recitals:

    Two student performers = $30 per person, each will receive a CD
    Any (chamber) group of three or more students or School Of Music student organization choosing to perform a recital = $60, includes a CD for each member or up to four (4) CD's in the case of a student organization recital.
  7. Faculty members are responsible for engaging the hall for their students' performances and rehearsals.
  8. Events will be entered in the Whitmore Calendar with a 30-minute set-up time preceding the starting time of the event.  When multiple events are scheduled in the same evening or afternoon, the 90-minute schedule per event assumes a maximum of a 60-minute recital with a 30-minute set up time for the next event.
  9. Requests for rehearsal time in Whitmore Recital Hall will be entered in the schedule only after the original schedule of recitals and concerts has been finalized (approximately the beginning of the academic year). **REHEARSAL POLICY: Whitmore Recital Hall will be reserved for recital performances between 6:30 and 10:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday evenings.  If no performance has been scheduled in the hall seven days prior to the date in question, then rehearsals may be scheduled during the standard recital time(s). Rehearsal time in Whitmore Recital Hall may be reserved according to the following rules:  a total of six hours rehearsal time for faculty and for graduate students giving required performances; three hours for undergraduate required programs.
  10. Practice and rehearsal time in Whitmore Recital Hall may be reserved according to the following rules: a total of six hours rehearsal time for faculty and for graduate students giving required performances; three hours for undergraduate required programs.
  11. In using Whitmore Recital Hall for performances and rehearsals and classes, please adopt the policy of clearing the stage (with the exception of the piano and bench) of all equipment you have used after you are finished with it.
  12. The time of 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon is designated for student recitals, lectures, and other events. Participation in these programs is not a course or school requirement on the part of any student. They do exist, however, for the purpose of providing performing experience for qualified students selected by applied teachers. In some semesters, this series of recitals may be organized by performance area, and at other times it may be organized to allow for a variety of performance areas on each recital.
  13. Many of these guidelines, as well as other information, are included in the document entitled "Use and Priorities of School Facilities." A copy of this document will be found in Chapter IX.

Reservation of School Facilities by Non-School Parties

To a reasonable extent, all school performance spaces, rehearsal spaces, and classrooms must be kept available for last-minute rehearsals and meetings. However, there may be times when these facilities could be made available to other organizations on a very limited basis, and generally include a use fee.

Reservation form for Outside users (non-School of Music users).