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2013 Friends of Music Scholarship Campaign

For more information about the Friends of Music,
please contact the School of Music:

Friends of Music
140 Fine Arts Building
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65211-6120

The Friends of Music have given over $1.5 million in scholarship contributions to the School of Music since 1978. With their gifts, the Friends of Music enable the MU School of Music to award scholarships to talented young musicians, enriching musical life on campus, in the community, and throughout the region. Contributors are recognized in the programs of the University Concert Series (for gifts and pledges made by June 30) and other publications, and are put on the mailing list for Music at Mizzou, the School of Music’s biennial magazine.

The list below includes contributors to the Friends of Music annual scholarship campaign and Friends of Music endowments during 2013.


Dr. and Mrs. David Bedan
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steele



Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Allendorf
Dr. Janice Wenger and Mr. Lynn Behrns
Dr. and Mrs. Winfield J. Burggraaff
Bill Bondeson and Linda Cupp
Mrs. Joan Firley
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Gordon
Mrs. Grayson Neate Kabler
Professors Ann Harrell and John Lande

Mrs. Patricia Lawnick-Ritchie
Dr. and Mrs. Sidlee Leeper
Dr. Thor and Mrs. Julia Norregaard
Mr. Thomas C. Porter
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Elizabeth Shay
Dr. and Mrs. Truman Storvick
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Summers


Mrs. Patricia R. Brown
Mr. Gary and Mrs. June De Weese
Dr. David A. Fleming and Dr. Karen E. Edison
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Elliot
Mrs. Norma J. Fair
Mrs. Janice Gaston
Dr. Janet and Mr. Philip Harrison
Drs. Robert and Sandra Hodge
Mrs. Darlene Johnson
Ms. Jacquelyn K. Jones
Jerry and Michele Kennett
Dr. Alice Landrum
Miss Linda K. Lyle

Mrs. Robert McIntosh
Dr. and Mrs. W. Thomas McKenney
Mr. Thomas L. McRoberts
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Miller
Mrs. L.G. Morehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Norton
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ross, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Sanders
Mr. Gary A. Tatlow
Drs. Allyn Sher and Barbara Tellerman
Mrs. Sue Troutner
Mark and Carol Virkler
Mr. Jim Weaver


Boone County National Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Bumgarner
Mrs. Mary B. Bush
Mrs. James T. Cassidy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Coe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Randall Coil
Frank and Carla Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Costello
Mr. and Mrs. David M. English
Mr. Steve Erdel
Dr. Steven Zweig and Dr. Susan Even
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin D. George
Mr. and Mrs. Kee W. Groshong
Ted and Kyle Groshong
Hamra Management Company
Mr. Sam and Mrs. June S. Hamra
Mrs. Veralee Hardin-Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Harper
Dr. and Mrs. Ira G. Hubbell
Dr. and Mrs. Harold D. Johnson
Drs. Stephen and Mari Ann Keithahn
Mrs. Andrea Dawn Kiehl

Mrs. Owen J. Koeppe
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron Krawitz
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kyriakos
Mrs. Mary Marks
Drs. Mark and Holly Monroe
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Clifton Murphy
Jeff and Diane Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. John Parker
Mrs. Alice Payne
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Pickard
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Platt
Dr. Lucille Salerno Denninghoff
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Sappington
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Scotten
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spier
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon K. Springer
Ms. Nancy Stuart
Dr. and Mrs. Harry M. Sulzberger
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Willbrand
Mrs. John L. Winnacker


Dr. and Mrs. John Bauman
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Campbell
Dr. and Mrs. John Cheetham
Mr. Bill Clark
Mrs. Julia Cramer
Mr. Richard Dohm
Dr. and Mrs. E. Dale Everett
Dave Engineering, LLC
Dr. Richard A. Finkelstein
Mr. William R. Gann
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Garrotto
Mr. Edwin Hanson
Dr. Margaret Henrichs
Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Houser
Mr. David R. and Mrs. Lindsey D. Jones
Mrs. Moray Loring Kiehl
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Le Fevre

Mrs. Susan N. Leon
Dr. and Mrs. David Leuthold
Ms. Franziska Malley
Mrs. Pauline Marienfeld
Mr. Charles W. Maupin
Dr. Anne L. McKendry
The Morning Music Club
Drs. Jerry and Beverly Murrell
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Myers
Maarten and Farah Nieuwenhuizen
Dr. Edward E. Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Riley
Dr. Marjorie Southard Roberts and Ms. Mary Jo Roberts
Mrs. Liz Schmidt
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Tyrer


Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Atkins
Dr. and Mrs. Shankha Banerji
Mrs. Jack L. Batterson
Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Wilson Beckett
Lina M. Berrier
Mrs. Anne Braisted
Dr. Catalina Kersten and Dr. Robert Cheek
Mrs. Martha B. Chesney
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Clark
Mr. and Mrs. David Cowan
Dr. and Mrs. W.D. Dellande
Ms. Debra Denham
Charlie and Kathy Digges
Dr. Robert M. Doroghazi
Dr. Mary Dohrmann and Dr. Thomas Dresser
Mrs. John H. Dunn
Mrs. James W. Eads
Mrs. Betty Eyestone
Carlyle and Cynthia Foley
Prof. Elizabeth Geden
Susan F. Heinsz
Mrs. Miriam Hemphill
Whitney and Marjory Hicks
Darwin and Axie Hindman
Dr. and Mrs. Haskell Hinnant
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hunvald
Mr. and Mrs. John Irvin
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Kleopfer
Ms. Sandra Knight
Drs. John and Patricia Koonce
Gary and Janet Krause
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Ann LaBrunerie
Dr. Doris Littrell
Miss Helen McGonigle
Mr. John and Dr. Margaret M. Merrion
Ms. Tracey Mershon
Dr. and Mrs. L. D. Mitchell

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Ayako T. Miyamoto
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Mudrick
Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Orr
Ms. Judy Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pecaut*
Mrs. Laura Perez-Mesa
Mr. David M. Peterson*
Mrs. June Pfefer
Ms. Kate Pitzer
Drs. Michael and Rose Porter
Dr. and Mrs. George Prica
Mr. Zhenlai Qian
Jim and Linda Reed
Dr. Gene Ridenhour
Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Riggs, Jr.
Mr. Kevin L. Roberts
Ms. Mary Ann Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Shinn*
Mrs. Virginia Sinclair
Dr. Joe R. Smith
Ms. Marjorie R. Sable and Mr. George P. Smith
Mrs. James M. Spellings
Carleton and Sylvia Spotts
Mrs. Wanda Stover
Mrs. Mary Suits
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Swearengen
Ms. Toni Messina and Mr. Rich Tiemeyer
Mr. J.B. and Dr. Dori Waggoner
Mr. and Mrs. Brand Walker
Mrs. Joan Watson*
Mrs. Betty Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Wilson*
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Wright
Ms. Beverly Hughes Yarger and Mr. David A. Yarger
Ms. Lois K. Zitzmann

* In memory of Dr. Robert Kvam


Dr. Gail Bank
Drs. Nonnie Furbee and Robert Benfer
Ms. Sue Bohm
Professor Bonnie Bourne
Mrs. Charmian Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Merle M. Buck
Ms. Linda-Dawn Burnett
Drs. Gary and Patricia Coles
The Honorable Ann K. Covington
Ron and Carole Sue DeLaite
Ms. Dorinda Derow
Dr. Richard Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Driver
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dunkerley
Mr. Paul Evans
Dr. John Faaborg
Dr. Mehdi and Mrs. Melinda Farhangi
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Foote
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Fulweiler
Ms. Gisela Groiss
Hugh and Kitty Harris
Ms. Kay Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hessler
Dr. and Mrs. Allan Hillard
Mrs. Susan E. Hinton
Mrs. Richard Hoft
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Johns
Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Jones
Mrs. Beverly Kabrick Horn
Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. William Kennedy
Mrs. Kim Klaproth
Joseph and Elda Kurzejeski
Nancy Lamb
Mrs. Eugene Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Loftin
Miss Desiree Long
Mr. Carmel Mazzocco
Dr. and Mrs. Wayland McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. William McKenzie

Mr. Herbert F. Meyer
Dr. James A. Middleton
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan B. Miller
Dr. Neil Minturn
Mrs. Olive Newman
Margaret R. Niemeyer
Drs. Karl and Georgia Nolph
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome O’Laughlin
Dr. Lawrence Okamura
Rev. and Mrs. Gary Ostercamp
Dr. and Mrs. Einar W. Palm
Mr. Stanley Palmer
Dr. Stuart B. Palonsky
Ms. Halcyone E. Perlman
Mrs. Marjorie Pinkerton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Poe
Dr. Marydeth Priesmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. V. James Rhodes
Miss Linda M. Ridgeway
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Schatz
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schermer
Mr. Guy Schupp
Ms. M.B. Scofield
Dr. Wendy Sims
Dr. Kathleen Warner Slane
Mr. Adrian Sprick
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Suich
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Tarkow
Drs. Boyd and Carolyn Terry
Julia and Bill Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Thorne
Dr. Dennis Tuggle
Ms. Joy Underdown
Ms. Jo Ella Todd and Mr. Dan Urton
Mrs. Sandra E. Waldecker
Ms. Marcia Walker
Mr. and Mrs. George Washburn
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Wen
Mrs. Virginia Rathert Zetterberg


Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Alberty
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Allen
Mrs. Dorothy Anderson*
Ms. Marilyn J. Anderson
Dr. Tacey Adams Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D’Souza
Ms. Gayle Douglas
Dr. and Mrs. William Fales
Mr. Christopher Farris
Dr. Herbert S. Goldberg
Ms. Kimberly Boothe Guilford
Dr. and Mrs. David Hinds
Mrs. Mary C. Hoffman
David and Lisa Lang

Mrs. Marilee Lidikay McCallister
Ms. Marsha Medley
Ms. Karene Louise Mills
Mrs. Jeanne Weil Nimmo
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Orth
Ms. Sonia Palmer
Ms. Sariah Pinick
Mr. and Mrs. Don Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schaeperkoetter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stephanichick
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Wills
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Zatzman

* In memory of Dr. Robert Kvam


Bill Bondeson and Linda Cupp



Nancy and David Bedan
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark
Bill Bondeson and Linda Cupp
Dr. Brady J. and Dr. Anne Deaton, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Elliott

Norma J. Fair
Mrs. Darlene Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Thor Norregaard
Paul and Betty Preston Steele


Mr. Darrell Hendon


Special thanks to Shelter Insurance Foundation and State Farm Companies Foundation for their generous participation in matching gift programs.