Arts Entrepreneurship

Students from Career Development for Musicians with guest Kelly Dylla, Vice President of Education and Community Engagement, Seattle Symphony.
For more information, contact the Coordinator of the Arts Entrepreneurship program, Dr. Claire Syler.

Mizzou’s arts entrepreneurship initiative takes an innovative approach to career training. By utilizing the various community programs already in place at Mizzou as the primary laboratories for students to develop a vision, holistic skills, and a professional network, the initiative is the first of its kind in Missouri and one of the first in the nation. These community programs also provide students the chance to earn part-time income as teachers, performers, and mentors -- offering a slice of the life for which they are preparing.

Action-based learning is contextualized by curricular and co-curricular educational modules. This includes workshops by visiting performers, scholars, administrators, and entrepreneurs from throughout the arts world, as well as credit-bearing courses focusing on various facets of career building in the arts, such as Arts Marketing, Grant-writing, and Career Develoment for Musicians. 

Our online resources provide the Mizzou community with ongoing updates on our developing programming and connect our programs to the broader dialogues connecting entrepreneurship with arts policy, advocacy, and traditional career preparation. These offerings thus create numerous points of entry for Mizzou students to engage with and learn about the necessity of preparing broadly for diverse career opportunities. Keep reading to learn more about each of these offerings.

By broadening the opportunities for our future teachers, performers, artists, composers, and scholars to thrive in the 21st century, Mizzou’s entrepreneurship programs aim to empower our graduates over their potential career(s), and give them the chance to prepare for those opportunities before they graduate. This has the potential for establishing a new benchmark for arts career training in Missouri and beyond.