Marching Mizzou Ireland Trip - Day 2 (March 16, 2016)

Madeline Hirsch
Today Marching Mizzou landed in Dublin around 5:30 a.m. After getting our luggage we loaded the buses. Our hotel check in was not until 1 p.m., so we took a bus tour of Dublin visiting various parts of the city and neighboring villages including the neighborhood of Howth. One of the first stops was in Malahide on the coast of the Irish Sea where we could view the Ireland Eye. 
Another stop was Dublin's Summit where you could stand at the top of this hill and see  a large part of the city. It was a bit foggy during this time, but still a very cool view. Next our bus tour took us to downtown Dublin. We got to see a variety of historical buildings as well as modern shops. We were dropped off near Grafton Street and given time to explore the downtown area. 
We went to coffee shops, clothing stores, book stores and more. Around 12 p.m., we got back on the bus and continued our bus tour. We arrived at the beautiful Clayton Hotel in Ballsbridge. 
Most people spent the afternoon resting in their rooms and met for dinner in the hotel af 7:30 p.m. 
The rest of the night is free time for members to explore the area. We have the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin tomorrow. A link for live viewing the parade can be found here
Marching Mizzou Ireland

Clayton Hotel photo by Max Boyd

Marching Mizzou Ireland

Mizzou Drumline at Irish Sea

Marching Mizzou Ireland

Dublin Airport after customs