Experiencing Music Theory for Adults

Experiencing Music Theory for Adults is the only program at Mizzou that provides group music theory study for adults. This course will be offered at the Beginning level (meaning no prior music theory study is required) and will be taught by Tim Werts, an experienced music teacher and a member of the Community Music Program instructor roster. 


This course is designed to provide an engaging, accessible, and comprehensive introduction to music theory. The class is open to students ages 16 and up, with at least an elementary-level music background. This course may be particularly of interest to those taking applied or group piano, instrumental, or voice lessons. The skills developed here broaden our students musical knowledge, enhance their ability to learn and perform music, and deepen their listening skills to appreciate live and recorded performances. All our classes prioritize a supportive, student-focused, and fun learning environment


  • $250 (includes deposit, instruction, books and materials)
  • $25 deposit due by August 29th to ensure a spot in the program. Remaining tuition ($225) is due on or before the first day of class.


Fall Semester (13 weeks): September 6th - December 6th

  • Level 1: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm, Fine Arts Building Room 146

Registration & Payment

Application deadlines: 
Fall semester – August 22nd

Please visit our online enrollment application.

Payment may be made one of the following ways:

  • By phone (credit card): 573-882-2606
  • In person (cash or check), 140 Fine Arts Building, Columbia MO
    • Checks payable to: MU School of Music (include MSP +  student name in memo)
  • By mail (check only; do not mail cash) to Community Music Program, 140 Fine Arts Building, Columbia, MO 65211

All payments will be processed within 3-5 business days and receipts are e-mailed.


  • The instructor will not make up the time missed in a situation where a student is absent for any reason.
  • If the class is cancelled due to inclement weather, or a different emergency situation, the class will be made up at a time that is convenient for the instructor and the class.
  • If a student is late for a class, the missed time will not be made up.
  • Students will be expected to complete homework assignments regularly throughout the week, generally an hour per class.
  • Students are expected to bring their books to every class.
  • Students should plan to bring a writing utensil and notepad.
Coordinator, Community Music Program