Experiencing Piano for Adults

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Experiencing Piano for Adults is the only program at Mizzou that provides group keyboard study for adults. Weekly classes are taught on campus by Mizzou graduate piano students, and the program is coordinated by Meghan Speed. Integrating a holistic study of the keyboard — sight-reading, harmony, theory basics, and repertoire — this semester-long non-credit course offers a social, engaging, and low-stress introduction on how to play the piano. Each class has a capacity of 12 students — maximizing the opportunity for group learning.


Spring '21:

Experiencing Piano for Adults Level 1 (online)

  • Weekly lesson videos for beginning adult piano students
  • Students will need 88-key weigted digital or acoustic piano for daily practice
  • Students will need to purchase textbook online before the first class

Tuition & Payment


Spring '21:
Experiencing Piano for Adults Level 1 (online) - $240


Link to pay online will be sent to you after filling out an application.


Spring '21:
Experiencing Piano for Adults Level 1 (online)

Dates: February 2 - April 27 (12 sessions - no class on March 30)
Time: Tuesdays, 7:00-7:45pm


Registration Deadline - 1/29/21


  • Students will be expected to practice regularly throughout the week. Practice length is generally between 15-30 minutes per practice session.
  • An acoustic or digital piano with 88 weighted keys is required for practice at home. Experiencing Piano does not provide practice instruments for rental or purchase.

The instructor will not make up the time missed in a situation where a student is absent for any reason.

  • If the class is cancelled due to inclement weather, or a different emergency situation, the class will be made up at a time that is convenient for the instructor and the class.
  • If a student is late for a class the missed time will not be made up.

Meghan Speed

Experiencing Piano Program Coordinator