Experiencing Piano for Kids

Experiencing Piano is the only program at Mizzou that offers group instruction exclusively to young beginner pianists ages 5-9. Lessons are taught on campus by Mizzou piano majors, and the program is coordinated by Meghan Speed.

Experiencing Piano consists of a one-year curriculum of Group Piano for beginning piano students ages 5-9. Through the group instruction, students learn the fundamentals of music reading and music-making at the piano. The primary goals of the program are to develop creative thinking skills and basic musicianship. Tools used are improvisation, ear training, rhythm training, creative movement and ensemble playing.


Spring '21:

Experiencing Piano for Kids Level 1 (online)

  • Weekly lesson videos for beginners ages 5-9.
  • Students will need 88-key weighted digital or acoustic piano for daily practice

For specific questions about these courses, contact program coordinator Meghan Speed at mksqv9@mail.missouri.edu

Tuition & Payment

Spring '21

Experiencing Piano for Kids Level 1 (online) - $240
*There are no sibling discounts for this course

Payment is due before the first online session on February 1st.

Link to pay online will be sent to you after filling out an application.


Spring '21:
Dates: February 1 - April 26 (12 sessions - no class on 3/29) 
Time: Mondays, 6:00-6:45 pm


Registration Deadline - 1/19/21


  • An acoustic or digital piano with 88 weighted keys is required for practice at home
  • Students will be required to practice regularly throughout the week. Daily practice at home needs to be as important as completing homework for school.
  • Practice time will begin at around 15 minutes a day and will lengthen to around 30 minutes by the end of the semester.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend the lessons/classes. This will equip parents to monitor practice at home.
  • Parents are asked to facilitate, encourage, and aid in practice at home. Any concerns or issues should be immediately brought to Ms. Speed's attention.

Lesson Cancelation Policy

  • A 24-hour advance notification is expected of both parties for lesson cancellation.
  • Lessons cancelled by the student or parent without prior 24-hour notice will not be made up and will not be refunded. Lessons cancelled by the teacher must be made up. Lessons cancelled due to inclement weather will be made up.
  • If a student is late for a lesson the missed time will not be made up.



Meghan Speed

Experiencing Piano Program Coordinator
End of Semester Concert: