Concert Audio Streaming

Live audio streaming will be available this semester for these select MU School of Music or University Concert Series performances:

Fall 2016
Oct. 5 - University Philharmonic 7PM
Oct. 11 - University Wind Ensemble 7PM
Oct. 13 - Symphonic Band 7PM
Nov. 6 - Percussion Extravaganza 3PM
Nov. 17 - Choral Union 7PM
Nov. 29 - Symphonic Band 7PM
Nov. 30 - University Wind Ensemble 7PM
Spring 2017
Feb. 20 - University Wind Ensemble/Juniors Honor Band 7PM
March 14 - Symphonic Band/University Band 7PM
April 3 - Percussion Ensemble 7PM
April 10 - Chancellor’s Showcase 7PM
April 14 - World Percussion 7PM
April 15 - Creating Original Music Project (COMP) Festival:  
     • 10:30am-12:00pm: Junior Division concert & awards ceremony
     • 2:30pm-4:00pm: Senior Division concert & awards ceremony
April 20 - Choral Union 7PM
April 26 - University Philharmonic 7PM
April 28 - University Wind Ensemble 7PM
April 30 - Symphonic Band 3PM
May 2 - University Band 7PM
Unless indicated otherwise, all events take place in the Missouri Theatre.

Streaming Option 1: Listen via your web browser by clicking here. Safari and Chrome are the recommended browsers for Mac users. Firefox is the recommended browser for Windows users. Functionality may be altered on certain browsers as updated technology is implemented.

Streaming Option 2: Listen via iTunes, Windows Media or other default audio player by clicking here. Access through Safari web browser for Windows users is NOT recommended.

The audio link will go live shortly before the scheduled concert start.