Marching Mizzou Scholarship Fund

Marching MizzouThe Marching Mizzou Scholarship Fund has been recently established as an umbrella fund for all of our scholarships, both general and named, for Marching Mizzou students.  Read more about each fund below for an application (if necessary) or a place to donate!

Donate to the Marching Mizzou Scholarship Fund

MU Health Care Sponsorship

MU Health Care has become the official sponsor of Marching Mizzou with a $100,000K annual contribution for the next four years!  These retention scholarships of $750 will be automatic if a student is eligible, so there is no need to apply.  They are for 3rd-5th year members only and priority is given to those students in a health care related major.  The goal is to retain seasoned students for leadership opportunities and add maturity in sound to the band.

Gary J. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Gary Jerome Taylor’s outgoing and helpful nature was ever radiant throughout his life. Born and raised in Portageville, MO, Gary enrolled at MU after an active high school life and Columbia became his home for the next 33 years. Gary forged the most amazing friendships in Columbia through affiliations with Marching Mizzou, Residence Halls Association, Summer Welcome Program, Cougar Brass Band, Urban Empowerment Ministries, and employers Job Point & MBS Textbook Exchange. In recent years, Gary served as the volunteer director of the Marching Mizzou Alumni Band. Gary died unexpectedly on December 1, 2016 at the age of 51.

Gary left an indelible mark on those who knew and loved him. A gift to Gary’s scholarship fund will continue to honor Gary’s practice of ensuring the lives he touched were changed for the better.

Donate to the Gary J. Taylor Scholarship Fund

M2 Color GuardMarching Mizzou Alumni Band Scholarships

For applications on these scholarships, see the M2AB website.

Don Flora and Janet Stallmeyer Scholarships

The Don Flora and Janet Stallmeyer Scholarships are awarded to 5-6 incoming and/or returning Marching Mizzou students who demonstrate financial need. Music and non-music majors are eligible to apply. Recipients of this scholarship will be required to be enrolled in Marching Mizzou in the fall semester and a concert band in the spring. There is no requirement for taking lessons with this scholarship. It is a one-year scholarship that can be renewed, but students will need to re-apply each year. Priority is given to sousaphone players.  Please send your application form to by the August 1, 2018.