Sinquefield Composition Prize

The Sinquefield Composition Prize is an annual competition for students at the University of Missouri. The winner is given an opportunity to write an original work for one of Mizzou's premiere large ensembles and have his/her music performed and recorded. The 2018 commissioned work will be written for the University Wind Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Brian Silvey.

Listen to the winning works from previous years here:

Competition Schedule

Tuesday, September 5, 2017: Submission of entry materials due.
Monday, September 11, 2017: Finalists’ materials delivered to outside judges.
Tuesday, September 26, 2017: Winner announced.
Wednesday, January 17, 2018: Score and parts of commissioned work due.
Monday, April 9, 2018: Premiere of commissioned work on the Chancellor's Arts Showcase by the University Philharmonic Orchestra.


Any undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Missouri may submit an original fine art composition for consideration. Professional composers from outside the MU School of Music will serve as judges for the competition.

Submission and Judging

Students will submit works to the School of Music composition faculty. The outside judges will select one composer to write a piece for large ensemble. The winning student must then compose a new work for the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the University Philharmonic, or the University Singers.


Student composers will submit one score and corresponding recording (live performance or computer realization) of any scoring.


The winning student will be awarded a scholarship to the University of Missouri and a cash prize for the production of score and parts.  The commissioned work will be premiered at the annual Chancellor’s Arts Showcase in the Missouri Theatre, giving the winning composer the experience of working with the conductors of and musicians in Mizzou's large ensembles.  Following the performance, the selected ensemble will record the commissioned work.


Winning composers should inscribe the score and parts as follows: Commissioned by Dr. Jeanne Sinquefield for the University of Missouri Chancellor’s Arts Showcase.  Composers should also include the date of the concert.

Sinquefield Prize Winners and Finalists

Winning compositions:

2018 - TBA
2017 - Douglas Osmun's Transfiguration composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2016 - Henry Stewart's Sonnet 73: De Profundis composed for University Singers
2015 - Trey Makler's whatever we lose composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2014 - José Guillermo Martínez Rubiano's Interferencias composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2013 - David Witter's Missouri composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2012 - Michael E. Anderson's Wisdom's Voice composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2011 - Patrick David Clark's A Fantasy on Themes of Mussorgsky composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2010 - Michael Strausbaugh's Erebus Fantasia composed for Michael Strausbaugh (guitar) and the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2009 - Stephanie Berg’s Motive and Reflection composed for the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2008 - Mark Woodward’s Birds of Paradise composed for University Singers
2007 - Katie Andres’s Horn Concerto, Movements I and II composed for Marcia Spence, horn and the University Philharmonic Orchestra
2006 - Patrick Dell’s Eidolon composed for the MU Symphonic Wind Ensemble

2017 - Douglas Osmun, Master of Music in Composition
2016 - Henry Stewart, Master of Music in Composition
2015 - Trey Makler, Bachelor of Music in Composition
2014 - José Guillermo Martínez Rubiano, Master of Music in Composition
2013 - David Witter, Master of Music in Composition
2012 - Michael E. Anderson, Bachelor of Music in Composition
2011 - Patrick David Clark, Master of Music in Orchestral Conducting
2010 - Michael Strausbaugh, Master's Student, Composition
2009 - Stephanie Berg, Senior, Composition and Clarinet
2008 - Mark Woodward, Master’s Student, Composition
2007 - Katie Andres, Senior, Horn
2006 - Patrick Dell, Senior, Music Education and Composition

Recent Finalists:
2016 - Jake Smucker 2016 - Aaron Mencher 2016 - Hans Heruth 2016 - Dustin Dunn 2015 - Kaylene Cypret
2015 - Justin Pounds
2015 - Matthew Stiens
2014 - Justin Pounds
2014 - Matthew Stiens
2014 - Robert Strobel
2013 - Joe Hills
2013 - Justin Pounds
2013 - David Witter
2012 - Grant Fonda
2012 - Joe Hills
2012 - David Witter
2011 - Michael Anderson
2011 - Grant Fonda
2011 - David Witter
2010 - Andy Bowman
2010 - Tony Hernandez
2010 - David Witter