Susan Worstell

MU School of Music’s Dr. Michael Budds has been awarded the Campus Writing Program’s Writing Intensive Teaching Excellence Award.  The award recognizes contributions to outstanding Writing Intensive teaching on MU’s campus.  Nominees are judged on:
*Evidence of reaching and exceeding the Writing Intensive guidelines.
*Assignments that promote critical thinking, multiple interpretations, and meaningful learning.
*Evidence that the instruction delivers what it sets out to.  
*Demonstrates clear understanding of “writing to learn” and “learning to write” theories and practices.
*Writing as a process is supported through the instruction and assignment design. 
Dr. Budds was nominated by his colleague Dr. Judith Mabary.  Having worked with Dr. Budds for over ten years at MU, Dr. Mabary has observed his teaching and conversed often with him regarding his philosophy and assignments for writing intensive classes.  Says Mabary, “There is no-one I know who is more committed to the task of teaching than Dr. Budds.  His students often echo this sentiment, noting that he expects a lot from them but genuinely cares about their success and degree of learning. He has high standards and believes that each student, no matter what their background, is capable of achieving them. He fully realizes that not all come with the same advantages and, therefore, spends countless hours, many on an individual basis, to insure that they can attain the goals of the class. Through his mentorship, students also come to realize that, while they may have come into his class less than fully committed, upon completing the course they KNOW they can reach the standards he has set for them.”  In her nomination letter to the Awards Selection Committee Dr. Mabary noted Dr. Budds’ strong belief in the power of the written word. “He loves to see a student “see the light” and to help guide them in the process. And this process ALWAYS involves writing, whether the course is designated as writing intensive or not. He often states his position with a famous quote, ‘I don’t know what I know until I see what I say.’”

Dr. Budds is very honored to be recognized for this achievement.  He commented, “I am, of course, well pleased that the Campus Writing Program has recognized my efforts in this manner.  After all, musicologists have been “Writing Intensive” for as long as there have been musicologists.  I consider guiding my students to think about, talk about, and write about music in a logical, truthful, and even elegant way to be one of my most important responsibilities as their music history teacher.”
The School of Music congratulates Dr. Budds on this outstanding honor and is proud to have him amongst our faculty of excellent educators.