Monday Mashup Concerts


Monday Mashups – What are they?

Find out more about the Fall 2020 School of Music Monday Mashup Series

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In lieu of live performances this semester, the School of Music will be working on an innovative way to bring our ensemble music to our audiences.  Each Monday at 7:00 pm, you can log into our YouTube channel to see the week’s performance.  Since our rehearsals and personnel are reduced to accommodate COVID mitigations, we are providing a variety of recorded performances that highlight all the areas of our school each week.  Some weeks will include 3 or 4 pieces from different ensembles where others might be able to focus on one instrument/voice category.  We won’t really know exactly what will be on each performance until a couple weeks before.  That is just going to be the kind of semester it is right now.  But we are delighted to explore this new production medium and teach our students new ways to distribute our music.

Our first one starts September 14 and will highlight some recording projects that took place at the end of the 19-20 school year or over the summer.  You are sure to enjoy so tune in every Monday night at 7:00 to see what the Monday Mashup will be!