School of Music Professor selected for GPC Gold Chalk Award

Silvey group

Dr. Wendy Sims, Bradley Regier,
Dr. Brian Silvey, Aaron Wacker

Susan Worstell

This Spring, Dr. Brian Silvey, Associate Professor of Music Education, along with four other University of Missouri faculty members, was awarded the Graduate Professional Council Gold Chalk Award. The award recognizes University of Missouri faculty who have made significant contributions to the education and training of graduate and professional students.

Dr. Silvey was nominated by graduate students Aaron Wacker, Bradley Regier, alum Steve Eubanks, and colleague Dr. Wendy Sims, Director of Music Education.  In the eight years Dr. Silvey has taught at Mizzou, he has exuded professionalism, scholarly excellence, and true care and concern for his students.  Says Dr. Sims, “In my role as Director of Music Education, I have worked closely with Brian throughout his career here at MU. Thus, I am very familiar with his graduate teaching and mentoring, which are, without exception, first rate in every respect…  His success as a faculty member here, his strong work ethic, and the esteem with which his research and professional service work are viewed within the profession make him an inspiring role model for graduate students.”

PhD candidate Aaron Wacker was delighted to nominate Dr. Silvey and see him honored for his hard work.  Aaron comments, “Dr. Silvey has provided countless hours helping me grow as a student, musician, conductor, educator, and person throughout my degree. Whenever I need his assistance, he drops everything he is doing in his busy day to help me and any other student that needs assistance. Dr. Silvey’s dedication to both music education and MU bands is a clear indication to his dedication to the University of Missouri School of Music’s students. I could not have asked for a better advisor or mentor to help me through the long and arduous process of a doctoral degree.” Bradley Regier, also a PhD candidate added, “Our music education students at the University of Missouri are recognized as some of the best in the region, if not the nation, and Dr. Silvey has played a large part in the development of the program. Dr. Silvey’s ability to effectively communicate with diverse groups of students, his sense of humor, and humility make him stand out amongst his peers.  Dr. Silvey understands the importance of original research in music education and seeks ways to further encourage his graduate students to develop their own research models and methods.”

Dr. Silvey is honored to receive the award. “I am honored that current and former graduate students Aaron Wacker, Steve Eubanks, and Brad Regier (along with Dr. Wendy Sims, Director of Music Education) felt strongly enough about my teaching and mentoring that they nominated me for a Gold Chalk Award.  To be recognized by your students and colleagues is an incredibly humbling experience. I appreciate their support, and thank them for their confidence in my abilities.”