Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantship Category Descriptions FTE (full-time equivalent)


Duties May Include



(0.5 FTE)

Assisting with Marching Mizzou including some travel, administrative support to the three concert bands, teaching/assisting with rehearsal clinic and basic conducting classes Applicants in a primary band instrument area or wind conducting
Dr. Brian Silvey
Interim Director of Bands
(573) 882-0939
Choral Conducting
(0.25 FTE)
Conducting a choral ensemble, assisting with rehearsal conducting, assisting in the management of the choral area Applicants in voice or choral conducting
Dr. Paul Crabb
Director of Choral Activities
(573) 882-2071
Community Music Program
(0.25 FTE)
Assisting the CMP Coordinator with communication, scheduling, receiving payment, and general facilitation of the program via regular office hours Applicant from any area
Prof. Emily Edgington Andrews
Coordinator of Community Outreach
(573) 882-0934
Concert Hall/Recording/Publicity Services
(0.25 FTE)
Front-of-house, backstage, and recording-booth support for concerts in Whitmore Recital Hall and/or administrative assistance with concerts/publicity Applicant from any area
Tina England
Concert and Publicity Services
(573) 882-9472
C.O.M.P. Distance Learning/Music Technology Assistantship
(0.25 FTE)
Supervising the use of the music technology studio, maintenance/troubleshooting, equipment checkout, and assisting with technology related concert preparation for the composition area. Applicants from any major area
Dr. Jacob Gotlib
Managing Director 
Mizzou New Music Initiative
(573) 884-9478
(0.25 FTE)
Teaching non-majors, assisting with the horn choir, administrative support for the horn studio Applicants for the MM in French horn
Dr. Marcia Spence
Professor of Horn
(573) 882-1139

Music Education
(0.25-0.50 FTE)

Teaching music skills or methods courses for elementary and early childhood education majors, beginning folk guitar class, assisting faculty in the music education area, and other duties as needed Applicants for the MM or M. Ed
Dr. Wendy Sims
Director of Music Education
(573) 882-3238
Music Theory
(0.25 FTE)
Assisting freshman or sophomore theory classes, or teaching Fundamentals of Music (for non-music majors) Applicants for the MM in composition or music theory or other areas with appropriate skills.  Applicants interested in an assistantship in music theory must arrange for an interview and should plan to do so while on campus for their audition.
Dr. Neil Minturn
Composition/Theory Area Coordinator
(573) 882-7680
(0.25 FTE)
Assisting music history faculty in the preparation of courses, serving as the teaching assistant for a large-enrollment course for non-majors, or teaching courses for non-majors Applicants for the MA in Musicology
Dr. Michael J. Budds
Musicology/Ethnomusicology Area Coordinator 
(573) 882-0927
New Music Ensemble
(0.33 FTE)

Being a member of the NME includes 6 hours/week rehearsal, performances on and off campus throughout each semester, expected performance at the Mizzou International Composers Festival, held in July each year, (an additional $500 is added for the summer)
Instrumentation:  flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, at-large position

2017-18 needs:  percussion, violin, piano, at-large

Applicants for the MM in performance. Applicants in other areas, such as composition, music theory, etc., may also apply but must demonstrate performance skills at the MM level.
MM performance audition procedures will be followed for all applicants, though candidates for these assistantships must perform one or more additional, representative works of new music.
See here for audition material.


Dr. Jacob Gotlib
Managing Director
Mizzou New Music Initiative
(573) 884-9478

Orchestral Conducting
(0.25 FTE)

Rehearsal and performance conducting, administrative support for the orchestra program. Applicants for the MM in orchestral conducting

Professor Edward Dolbashian
Director of Orchestral Activities

Percussion, Concert
(0.25 FTE)

Teaching non-majors, teaching the percussion techniques/methods class, maintaining the instrument inventory, serving as the percussion solo/ensemble librarian, administrative support for the percussion studio. Applicants for the MM in percussion

Professor Megan Arns
Assistant Prof. of Percussion
(573) 882-0345

(0.25 FTE)
Teaching music majors in group piano, teaching majors and non- majors in individual applied lessons, studio accompanying, choral accompanying, assisting in the pedagogy library. Applicants for the MM in piano, or piano pedagogy
Dr. Janice Wenger
Keyboard Area Coordinator
(573) 882-0932
(0.25 FTE)
Teaching non-majors and majors, coaching chamber ensembles, and administrative support for the saxophone studio. Applicants for the MM in saxophone
Professor Leo Saguiguit
Associate Professor of Saxophone
(573) 884-1724
String Quartet
(0.25 FTE)
Rehearsing and performing 6-8 hrs/week on and off campus throughout the semester, undergraduate chamber ensemble coaching

2017-18 needs - violin

Applicants for the MM in string performance with a strong background in chamber music: 

Professor Eva Szekely
String Area Coordinator
(573) 882-0930
(0.25 FTE)
Teaching of non-majors, assisting with opera workshop, helping with administration of vocal program Applicants for the MM in voice
Professor Christine Seitz
Voice Area Coordinator and Director of Show-Me Opera
(573) 882-7657