Undergraduate Program


There are ten different music focus areas for the Bachelor of Music degree in our School of Music.  Each area has different a different curriclum and will prepare you for different job opportunities.

Bachelor of Music

Our intimate School of Music is housed in a large, Research 1 institution which provides incredible resources for the incoming student.  Many students choose to pursue a double major with their music degree and the Bachelor of Arts fits that mold well.  It is not a requirement to double major with the BA, we just make it very convenient.

Bachelor of Arts

Summer 2018 Course Offerings

Contemporary Issues in Musicology: American Film Music
MUS_H_LI 4342 and 7342, 3 credit hours
June 4-29, Monday-Friday, 8:00-10:50 am
Dr. Michael Budds, Fine Arts Building
Analysis of Musical Styles: Pop/Rock Music
MUS_H_LI 4250 and 7250, 2 cr.undergraduate, 3 cr. graduate
June 4-29, Monday-Friday, 11:10 am-12:30 pm
Dr. Peter Lea, Fine Arts Building 134
Current Issues in Music Education
MUS_EDUC 8160, various credit hours
June 4-29, Monday-Thursday, 1:00-3:30 pm
Dr. Brandon Boyd, Townsend 206
Summer Singers
MUS_ENS 1842 and 8842, 1 credit hour
June 4-29, Monday-Thursday, 2:30-4:30 pm
Dr. Paul Crabb, McKee 204
Advanced Choral Conducting
MUS_I_VT 8673, 2 credit hours
Times arranged
Dr. Paul Crabb
Masterpieces of Western Music (Online)
MUSIC_NM 1310, 3 credit hours
Brian Tate
Fundamentals of Music I (Online)
MUSIC_NM 1211, 2 credit hours
Dr. Erica Manzo