Music Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship is a 12-hour program. In today's fine arts economy, most musicians have a "portfolio career" – incorporating multiple roles and income streams (e.g. performer, teacher, advocate, manager, publicist, composer/arranger, etc.) rather than pursuing one narrowly defined career path.  Contextualizing the vision, skills, and networking activities needed to achieve a viable arts career, while offering a combination of theoretical and practical career preparation for Mizzou students, is the overarching aim of the Certificate programs.  This certificate combines semester-long, two-credit courses with five-week, one-credit modules. This design allows students an efficient pathway to exploring a diverse array of topics, and flexibility for students interested in specific courses, but not the entire Certificate.  At either level, the Certificate can be usually completed in two to three semesters without interrupting the normal plan of study.

To officially declare your certificate in music entrepreneurship, fill out the declaration form. Once you have received confirmation of your minor declaration, you can access your progress towards your minor or certificate by running a degree audit. If you have questions about the minor after you view your degree audit, contact the advisor for the minor (Kay Gregory). More information about declaring a minor is available here.

Course Requirements (student must pass with a ‘C’ or higher):

  • Music 4510: Career Development for Musicians (2 credits), Fall - full semester class
  • Music 4512: Principles of Arts Entrepreneurship (2 credits), Spring - full semester class
  • Music 4514: Arts Marketing (1 credit, five weeks of semester, weeks 6-10), Spring
  • Music 4516: Grant Writing for the Arts (1 credit, five week course, weeks 1-5), Spring
  • Music 4518: Arts Industry Survey (1 credit, five-week course, weeks 10-15), Fall    
  • Music 4520: Non-Profit Management in the Arts (1 credit, five-week course, weeks 1-5), Fall  
  • Music 4522: Community Engagement in the Arts (1 credit, five-week course, weeks 6-10), Fall
  • Music 4530: Leadership, Advocacy, and Policy in the Arts (1 credit, five-week course, weeks 10-15), Spring
  • Music 4540: Music Entrepreneurship Practicum (2 credits)

Additional Requirements
Entrance into the program is contingent on successful admission into the University.