Music Minor

The music minor allows a student the opportunity to earn a credential containing a balance of academic and practical musical knowledge without pursuing a music major. Designation of a completed minor will appear on the diploma and transcript along with the major degree. Required courses in music theory and history are the same as those taken by music majors.


  • A total of 18 hours of music courses, with a minimum number in each category listed below. Six credits must be 2000-level or higher.  Because of the prerequisites that many courses have, the course numbers suggested below (in parentheses) usually constitute the minimum requirements.
  • Music Theory (Four hours: Music 1220 and 1221)
  • Music History (Six hours: Music 1322, 2307, and 2308)
  • Music Performance (Four hours, chosen from among appropriate applied classes [generally Music 2445] and/or ensemble courses [e.g., Music 1841 or 1842]).
  • The student chooses one of the above categories for his or her "emphasis area" and earns at least 4 additional hours in that category with the approval of his music advisor. If history or theory is the emphasis area, then the normal course sequence must be followed.
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