Audition for Undergraduate Music Admission

Graduate Students Apply HERE

We will hold auditions through the summer, but we cannot guarantee scholarship consideration for any auditions scheduled later than our last posted audition day.

You are strongly encouraged to audition on one of the Mizzou Music Days. If you are unable to audition on one of these days due to special circumstances, please provide in the space below a list of 5 dates and times, excluding weekends, you are available to audition for School of Music faculty members. No auditions will be scheduled November 22-30, December 14-January 18, or March 27-April 2. Priority consideration for scholarships is given to students who complete auditions by March 15. Additionally, if you have any special requests regarding audition times, please list it here, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

**Note: At least two weeks’ notice is needed to schedule a special audition request.**

*Please only indicate a secondary instrument if you plan to audition in two areas.
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