Champion of Champions 2023 Performance Program

9:15 AM

High School: Harrisburg High School, Harrisburg, MO

Band: Harrisburg High School Marching Band

Director(s): Kevin Fearn

Assistant Director(s):Haydan Fearn

Staff: Jessica Ruud - Colorguard

Drum Major(s): Clayton Wilson, Glory Whitaker

Soloist(s): Izabella Twenter-Savvenas (flute), Jack Harms (tenor sax)

Program Title: Paranormal

9:30 AM

High School: Clinton High School, Clinton, MO

Band: Clinton High School Pride Band

Director(s): Pat Miles

Assistant Director(s): Katie Klinksick

Staff: Todd DesCombes - Percussion Tech, Christy Ortiz - Color Guard Coach

Drum Major(s): Kaydith Maddox, Sam Boffman

Soloist(s): Alex Markum (mellophone)

Program Title: El Diablo de las Lomas

9:45 AM

High School: Jefferson City High School, Jefferson City, MO

Band: Jefferson City High School Marching Jay Band

Director(s): Jenna Lechner

Assistant Director(s): Andrew Marjamaa, Chris Isom

Staff: Mona Scott - Color Guard, Preston McClain - Drumline, Alex Featherston - Brass Tech

Drum Major(s): Brownleigh Collier, Will Carroll, Logan Wilson

Soloist(s): Evan Welschmeyer, Liam Sovanski, Kali Schepers, Megan Dierking, Andora Reichel

Program Title: In the Mirror

Musical Selections: Man In the Mirror, Reflections of Earth: Celebration, Shadowplay

10:15 AM

High School: Hazelwood West High School, Hazelwood, MO

Band: Hazelwood West Marching Wildcats

Director(s): Aaron Jackson

Assistant Director(s): Kimberly Jackson

Staff: Maria Graham

Drum Major(s): Joseph Viviano; Trey Fields, assistant drum major

Program Title: Eclipse: The Music of Cirque du Soleil

Musical Selections: Distorted, Ka: Flight; Urban


10:45 AM

High School: Wentzville Liberty High School, St. Louis, MO

Band: Eagle Regiment

Director(s): Sarita Magno-Parsons

Assistant Director(s): Angelete Frein

KC Starr, Jayden Jaeger, Patrick Slifer, Helen Tolcou

Drum Major(s): Payton Grotewiel, Leilani Green

Program Title: If I Only Had a Heart

11:00 AM

Band: Tiger Pride Marching Band

High School: Waynesville High School, Waynesville, MO

Director(s): Jared Sabatasso

Assistant Director(s): Andrew Tiefenbrunn, Chance Inman, Nathan Gargus

Staff: Bailey Poncia - Colorguard Director, Nathan Gargus - Percussion Director

Drum Major(s): Alivia Seibert, Cassandra Plummer

Jennifer Boyd (trumpet), Seth Steuck (alto saxophone), MacKenzie Colgan (clarinet), Angela Murphy (flute)

Program Title: STAINED

11:15 AM

High School: Capital City High School, Jefferson City, MO

Band: The Pride of Capital City

Director(s): Kevin Blair

Assistant Director(s): Ryan McFall, Richard Williams

Staff: Chelsea Rackers - Guard, Kevin Pierce - Front Ensemble

Drum Major(s): Kendall Sapp, Onyx Morgan

Program Title: Aurora

Musical Selections: "Aurora" - Luke McMillan, "In the Air Tonight" - Phil Collins, "Rewrite the Stars" from the Greatest Showman

11:30 AM

High School: Battle High School, Columbia, MO

Band: Battle High School Marching Band

Director(s): Kim Foley, Marc Lewis, Bob Thalhuber

Staff: Samantha Kiethline, Austin Kent, Grayson Smallen, Mitch Canote, Jeff White

Drum Major(s): Samantha Mullins, Ethan Cooper

Soloist(s): Avery Haner (flute), Parker Hardesty (clarinet)

Program Title: Pink

Musical Selections: "Finale" from Carnival of The Animals by Camille Saint Saens; "A Mis Abuelos" by Arturo Sandoval; "Just Give Me A Reason" by P!nk

11:45 AM

High School: Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO

Band: Emerald Regiment 

Director(s): Patrick Sullivan

Assistant Director(s): Cooper Smith

Staff: Sydney Forck, Amanda Greenbacker-Mitchell, Darren Long, Mac McPike, Jeff White, Lane Oaks

Drum Major(s): Alexis Doebelin, Yasmine Green, Ruby Hord, Jillian Lybeck-Brown

Soloists: Yasmine Green (flute), Erica Mallott (flute), Alexis Doebelin (horn)

Program Title: Seasons of Joy

Musical Selections: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, “Joyride,” by Michael Markowski, “The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi, and “Black Hole Sun,” by Chris Cornell and Soundgarden

12:00 PM

High School: Hickman High School, Columbia, MO

Band: Hickman High School Marching Band

Director(s): Denis Swope, Tom Sweeney

Staff: Julie Swope, Jeff Moorman, Kyle Donnelly, Jacob Shakelton, Sean Pfuhl, Jennifer Randolph, Hannah Sinek, Christian Witte, Riley Berens

Drum Major(s): Elizabeth Dorman, Dylan Torales-Berta

Soloist(s): Haley Carrier, Hailey Mitchell, Charlotte Struckhoff, Trina Blumberg, Emmitt Wright

Program Title: The Hive

Musical Selections: Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Music from “The Swarm”, ABBA’s Honey-Honey, The Flower Duet from the Opera Lakme (Lockmay), and Flight of the Bumble Bee

12:15 PM

High School: Bellevue West High School, Bellevue, NE

Band: Marching Thunderbirds

Director(s): Marques Eckhoff, Jason Pentico

Drum Major(s): Abby Schmidt, Ethan Arul

Soloist(s): Katie Crick, Chloe Smith, Ollie Faltin, Elijah Babbit, Chris Nelson, Jacki Petrow

Program Title: Dreams are the Playgrounds for Unicorns

Musical Selections: Enchantress, My Little Pony, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Pegasus 

Marching Mizzou Exhibition - 12:30PM



Finals Band 1 - 2:30 PM

Finals Band 2 - 2:45 PM

Finals Band 3 - 3:00 PM

Finals Band 4 - 3:15 PM

Finals Band 5 - 3:30 PM

Finals Band 6 - 3:45 PM


Finals Band 7 - 4:30 PM

Finals Band 8 - 4:45 PM

Finals Band 9 - 5:00 PM

Finals Band 10 - 5:15 PM

Finals Band 11 - 5:30 PM

Marching Mizzou Drumline Exhibition - 5:45PM