Non-Major Studies

Applied private music lessons with the faculty are offered on a select basis for non-majors dependent on availability.  Some studios have more room than others.  Please check with the area coordinator of the desired instrument/voice to see if non-major lessons are offered.

These classes have been taught in the School of Music.  Please check MyZou for specific times and semesters that they are offered. They are not all offered every semester.

General Music  

Fundamentals of Music I*  
MUSIC_NM 1211 
Introduction to rhythmic, melodic, harmonic, and structural elements of music.  

Songwriting and Beat Making*  
MUSIC_NM 1214 
Introductory course into the world of creating music that starts from the very beginnings of melody, harmony, and form to a finished, recorded product ready to be released.  

Experiencing Music Through Concert Attendance*  
MUSIC_NM 1300  
Development of music listening skills through concert attendance, reading and class attendance.  

Beginning Piano class  
Piano instruction in a group setting designed for non-music majors with little or no piano experience.  

Elementary Folk Guitar Class 
MUSIC_NM 1612  
Teaching correct hand position, strum patterns, and chords needed for accompaniment of popular and folk songs.  

Basic Musicianship* 
MUSIC_NM 1618  
Development of musicianship through music reading, playing, creating, and perceptive listening, including study of pitch, rhythm, structure, style, expressive and interpretive elements, and related vocabulary.  

Voice Class I 
MUSIC_NM 1651 
Fundamentals of singing: posture, breath support, control, vocalization, concepts of tone quality, placement and resonance. Literature selected for students with no previous vocal training. Adapted to needs of drama and other interdisciplinary students.  


Masterpieces of Western Music* 
MUSIC_NM 1310 Sec. 1
Introduction to the Western fine-art tradition through the study of representative masterworks, emphasis on developing listening skills; directed to non-majors.  

Jazz, Pop, and Rock*

MUSIC_NM 1311 
Historical introduction to jazz (to approximately 1970) and the American popular song, including rock and roll (to approximately 1980).  

Introduction to World Music* 
MUSIC_NM 1313  
Introduction to the musical traditions of selected non-Western societies; emphasis on developing listening skills.  

Perceiving Musical Traditions and Styles*

MUSIC_NM 2306/2306H 
An introduction to music from the late Baroque to the present day, including fine art, folk, and popular music. Designed to serve as a foundation for developing knowledge and skills of musical perception that will eventually lead to thoughtful written commentary on musical performances. Graded on A-F basis only.  


Career Development for Musicians  

MUS_GENL 4510/7510 
Examination of professional opportunities available in the Creative Economy; development of a framework for career planning, professional portfolio, and personal business plan. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and instructor's consent.  

Arts Industry Survey  

MUSIC_GENL 4518/7518  
In-depth survey of the commercial arts industry world, with emphasis on career opportunities within the recording, performing, music retail, and music management sectors. Prerequisites: MUS_GENL 4510 and sophomore standing.  

Non-Profit Management in the Arts 
MUS_GENL 4520/7520 
Introduction to management strategy and its application within the not-for-profit arts sector. Prerequisites: MUS_GENL 4510, sophomore standing or instructor's consent.  

Community Engagement in the Arts   
MUS_GENL 4522/7522 
Introduction to community-based arts and their relationship to personal branding in the non-profit arts sector.  


*Satisfies the humanities requirement.