Music Minors

Undergraduate Music Minors

The School of Music offers three options for an undergraduate minor—the Minor in Music, the Minor in Musical Theatre, and the Minor in Jazz Studies.  All music minors allow a student the opportunity to earn a credential containing a balance of academic and practical musical knowledge without pursuing a music major. The Minor in Musical Theatre is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the School of Music and the Department of Theatre. Designation of a completed minor will appear on the diploma and transcript along with the major degree.

To officially declare your minor, fill out this declaration form (for the Minor in Jazz, you will need to audition as well). Once you have received confirmation of your minor declaration, you can access your progress towards your minor by running a degree audit. More information about undergraduate minors is available here. If you have further questions, contact the advisor for the minor (Lauren Hynes).

To arrange an audition, contact the Director of Jazz Studies.

Instrumentalists (other than drummers): 

Prepare one jazz standard and one blues in the key of your choice, improvising on each piece. Please provide your own accompaniment (Aebersold or other play-along CD). 


Perform the following grooves at the prescribed tempos: 

Swing at 120 bpm 

Double-Time Swing at 240 bpm 

Bossa Nova at 100 bpm 

Samba (double-time bossa nova) at 100 bpm (half-note) 

Funk/Hiphop at 100 bpm 

Ballad (with brushes) at 80 bpm 

Alternating four (4) measures swing with four (4) measures solo at 120 bpm


Prepare one medium up-tempo jazz standard and one ballad, no more than one chorus of each.  Please provide your own piano accompaniment (Aebersold or other play-along CD).

Graduate Minor in Musicology

The Graduate Minor in Musicology provides the opportunity for graduate music students to develop and/or strengthen their skills in this academic area. In addition, completing this minor can enhance the employability of individuals with degrees in performance, theory, or composition, by preparing them to teach courses in music appreciation and music history.

Read more about graduate minors here or contact the coordinator of the Musicology Area for more information.