The Higday Mozart Outreach Concert Series

The Paul D. Higday Mozart Trust was established by its namesake “to make the pleasure of music and in particular the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart more readily available to the general public in the city of Columbia, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.” Since 1987 the trust has sponsored 35 concerts featuring some of the world’s greatest classical musicians, right here in Columbia, MO. 

In Spring 2011, the Directors of the Trust, seeking to expand the reach of Mr. Higday’s legacy, contacted then-Director Dr. Robert Shay to propose an assistantship that would fulfill and expand the mission of the Trust. The talks led to the launch of the Higday Mozart Outreach Concert Series, which brings classical musical performances by MU students to young audiences throughout the Columbia area. Melissa Baughman, PhD in Music Education student, was selected as the first Program Coordinator for the series.

The resulting inaugural 2011-12 season of the Higday Mozart Outreach Concert Series brought eighteen concerts featuring music of the great composers to students at Rock Bridge Elementary, Lee Elementary, Lange Middle, Shephard Elementary, Blue Ridge Elementary, Windsor Montessori, Grant Elementary, Two Mile Prairie, Hickman High School, Columbia Independent School, and the Moving Ahead Program. Our goal for the future is to build upon and grow both the number and scope of concert events in the Columbia area each season. 

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the community to experience live music of Mozart and other great composers performed by the finest musicians of the MU School of Music. 

Participating MU ensembles 

Some of the MU performing groups that have participated in Higday Outreach concerts include the New Music Ensemble; Early Music Vocal Ensemble; Small Vocal Ensemble from Concert Chorale; Women's Chorus; Students of Show-Me Opera Scenes; Cast of Show-Me Opera's Cenerentola; Mixed Woodwind Ensemble; Grand Pause Tonic; Hitt Street Harmony; members of Marching Mizzou, and numerous chamber groups and solo performers.

Book an Outreach Event 

A typical Higday Mozart Outreach event includes a short performance by musicians from MU’s School of Music followed by an interactive question/answer session. These events can range from 15-45 minutes depending on the request. Events can be large-scale assemblies or private performances for smaller groups. MU students will provide their own performing equipment, unless otherwise arranged in advance. All performances are FREE! To book an event, please fill out this request. Contact the program coordinator with questions or for more information at 

How to Get Involved (for performers only) 

To learn how to get involved as a performer, contact the program coordinator at 


Joanna Griffith (Program Coordinator)