Amy Knopps Wins College’s Purple Chalk Award from Students

The College of A&S recently announced the winners for the three Chalk awards given out by the Student Council every year.  Purple, Green, and Blue Chalk awards are given out for exemplary teaching and advising by faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and advisors.  The Purple Chalk Award stands as one of the oldest forms of recognition for exemplary teaching at MU.  This allows the College to highlight and publicly acknowledge its professors who truly exhibit an investment in student learning and success.  Just recently, Dean Nicole Monnier, Josh Varnon (alto saxophone section leader), and Annabel Carter (clarinet section leader) Zoom-bombed a band faculty meeting to deliver the news to this year’s Purple Chalk award recipient, Dr. Amy Knopps.

“What makes them particularly meaningful is that the whole process  is completely student driven. Nominations are only accepted from current A&S undergraduate students and the awardees are chosen by the entire body of the A&S Student Council – a task they take very seriously. The competition for spring 2021 was particularly robust, thanks to the advertising efforts of A&S StuCo and the enthusiasm of our undergrads for recognizing their favorite instructors and advisors.”
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Nicole Monnier
College of Arts & Science

“I have served on A&S StuCo for 2 years now and am the former VP of Public Relations. Each semester, we, the Arts and Science Student Council, ask for the students to nominate a teacher, TA, or advisor who really stands out as someone who goes above and beyond their position. This semester, we had over 20 submissions for the Purple Chalk award. The Council reads over each submission to see why this specific individual was nominated. Based on the nomination, Dr Knopps was voted by the majority of the council to be the recipient of the Purple Chalk award. Being a member of Marching Mizzou, I immediately asked to be the Council representative to help present the award to Dr Knopps.”
Josh Varnon, M2

Annabel Carter nominated Dr. Knopps for this award with this letter:

The Purple Chalk Award is awarded to our professors who truly exhibit an investment in student learning and success. There is no one that I can think of that better exemplifies an immeasurable investment in her students education, success, and character. Dr. Amy Knopps is the definition of a selfless leader. Even during a pandemic, when the arts were being diminished all across the world, despite all the times we had to pause and pivot, Dr. Knopps worked vigorously day and night advocating not only for the right for the marching arts to continue, but for each and every one of her students that she cares so deeply about. A true Mizzou Tiger, graduate of the class of 2001, Dr. Amy Knopps, you exemplify the values and spirit of The University of Missouri within everything you do. You have a deep genuine love for this campus and for each and every student that walks, or marches, into your classroom. There is no way we can repay you for the blessings that being in this band have given us. Marching Mizzou is now a 136-year old tradition. Dr. Knopps and the staff of M2 have continued to create an inclusive environment while preserving our history’s fundamental values through a high standard of excellence modeled by your/Dr. Knopps own precedent of tradition, vigor, and heartfelt love for this organization. You continuously advocate and care for your students, whether that is providing holiday dinners so every student has a table to eat at or creating special moments watching the Charlie Brown Holiday movies together. Making everyone who wears our black and gold colors feel like family. This past year you helped us create and advised the Marching Mizzou Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Committee which made all of our members feel included, represented, and more culturally aware. Marching Mizzou has become more than a one-credit hour class that resides in a gravel parking lot behind Lot N, but instead a home and life-long belonging in an exceptional band family where students meet their best friends, life partners, and create the most marvelous memories. Dr. Knopps, you are an example for women and educators everywhere. We all love Marching Mizzou and this University because of you, and we thank you for your sacrifice and service to the students that have had the privilege of having you as our teacher. We would not be who we are without you. On behalf of the hundreds of students that have been impacted during your time here, congratulations, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us the best band in the land.

Congratulations to Dr. Knopps on this outstanding, student driven award.

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