A Philanthropist's Passion for Composition - Grand Opening of Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield Music Center

Hiroaki Kono

Three years before retiring from her job in Santa Monica, California, Jeanne Sinquefield and her husband, Rex, built a 20,000-square-foot home on their farm in Westphalia. In retirement, the farmhouse has not only allowed them to live closer to family, but it has also become a favorite place for Jeanne Sinquefield to gather with friends and family and play music with them.

Sinquefield retired as executive vice president and head of trading at Dimensional Fund Advisors, which her husband founded, in 2005, and now she’s living out her retirement dream. Along with visiting her four grandsons, ages 7 to 13, she’s come to realize a new passion for music composition.

Sinquefield, who has played the string bass since she was 11, has regularly invited people to the farmhouse to create music with guitars, violins, cellos and violas. The gatherings are casual — more like family reunions than concerts.

Piano in SMC lobby