“Tips for Musicians” by Meghan Brown

“Mindfulness and Wellness for Musicians”

Note from Dr. Murph: Every Monday at 6pm this past Fall 2022 semester, a group of students and myself gathered for “Mindfulness and Wellness for Musicians” (MUS_GEN 4550/7550).

Our class explored different somatic (mind/body) practices with the goal to holistically improve musicianship. A great deal of attention was paid to connecting the body, mind, and breath for stress reduction and grounding. While I am certified in yoga (RYT-200hr) and reiki, I encouraged the students to explore multiple somatic practices (from tai chi to qi gong, running, and myriad self-care/contemplative practices). These practices not only conditioned them for the practice room and concert stage but for the classroom and everyday life. The one requirement for the course was to have an open mind and willingness to engage with self and others respectfully.

Download the below article created by Meghan Brown to help in the rehearsal space and prep for concerts. Try them out and see how it feels. As always, make sure you are speaking with your primary instructor about ways to somatically prepare your repertoire and set goals for your instrument. Enjoy!