Virtual Memorial Service for Dr. Budds

We are not able to host the video of the Memorial Service on youtube because of potential copyright issues with the music that was included so it will be hosted on this webpage for one month.  Both the Tribute Video and the Photo Montage are incorporated into the Memorial Service but are also listed here separately if you wanted to watch them again.

Memorial Service

Tribute Video

Finale Photo Montage


Welcome and Introduction, Kyle Stegall

Reading of the Official Obituary (written by Quentin Kuyper), Bill Bondeson

Memories of Michael's arrival at MU, Bill Bondeson and Don McGlothlin

Comments and Music - Quentin Kuyper

Comments and Music - Libby Roberts

Comments and Music - Stacey Hite

Poem Reading "Funeral Blues", David Rayl

A Tribute Video (short video memories from colleagues and alums compiled by Allison Davis)

The Future and His Legacy, Julia Gaines

Photo Montage of His Life (photos and music complied by Libby Roberts)

Virtual Memorial Service for Dr. Budds