When school is in session, both the Fine Arts Building and Sinquefield Music Center (South doors) are open every day Sunday through Saturday 7:00 am-11:00 pm. The stairwells to the second floor lock at 5 pm on weekdays and all day on the weekend. Holiday, intersession, and any other special hours will be e-mailed and posted. To gain swipe access, please contact Susan Worstell,  WorstellS@missouri.edu.

The School of Music no longer distributes physical permission numbers.  If you need a permission for a music course, please email Susan Worstell at WorstellS@missouri.edu. If enrollment is approved, she will authorize the student ID in myZou to enroll in the course. Please include section numbers when asking for permission. If you don't know the section number, then the name of the ensemble, the name of your instructor for lessons, or the time the class meets is fine. We are unable to look classes up by the 5 digit class number so course numbers (four digits like 2455, 1842, etc.) and sections are preferred but class name and/or time is usually enough. 

First, talk to your instructor(s) and work out a resolution.  Then email Susan Worstell at WorstellS@missouri.edu, who will respond with the relative information.

The registration deadlines may be found at the registrar’s website - registrar.missouri.edu

Click on Details to see what the hold is for and follow the directions. Most holds are for payment issues or immunization records. If you have trouble viewing your holds, contact Susan (WorstellS@missouri.edu) and she is happy to look it up for you. 

 Contact Brooke Danielsen, DanielsenB@missouri.edu

Anyone enrolled in myZou for applied lessons, an ensemble, or a techniques course (non-major group piano and voice classes included) may use a practice room.  

Student Responsibilities for Use of Practice Rooms 

  1. No smoking or tobacco use in practice rooms or surrounding areas. 

  1. No food or beverages in practice rooms. 

  1. Do not use equipment in the practice rooms for purposes other than those for which it is intended (i.e., a piano is not intended to be used as a desktop). 

  2. Because of the possibility of theft, instruments, books, and personal items should not be left in the practice rooms.

  1. Since a large number of people use the practice rooms during the day and night, it would be appreciated if everyone would help keep the rooms neat and clean. Please pick up any trash found in the rooms and place it in the proper container.


Susan Worstell

206 Sinquefield Music Center