Room Reservations

To make a room reservation please visit this link:

A tutorial on how to use this system is available here ( 

Student degree recitals should be requested by the applied music faculty member through the EMS calendaring system.  Paper forms are no longer in use.

*NOTE: Students requesting a space for School of Music related events will not be charged so please disregard that notice. 



School of Music practice rooms are limited to anyone enrolled in myZou for applied lessons, an ensemble, or a techniques course (non-major group piano and voice classes included).  

Student Responsibilities for Use of Practice Rooms 

  1. No smoking or tobacco use in practice rooms or surrounding areas. 

  1. No food or beverages in practice rooms. 

  1. Do not use equipment in the practice rooms for purposes other than those for which it is intended (i.e., a piano is not intended to be used as a desktop). 

  2. Because of the possibility of theft, instruments, books, and personal items should not be left in the practice rooms.

  1. Since a large number of people use the practice rooms during the day and night, it would be appreciated if everyone would help keep the rooms neat and clean. Please pick up any trash found in the rooms and place it in the proper container.