Undergraduate Music Theory Evaluation

The undergraduate music theory evaluation is meant to provide us with an idea of your music theory background so that we may provide you with individualized advice prior to starting your first semester. The evaluation has six sections, each of which contain only a few questions. The first three sections assess your ability to describe what you hear (recognize rhythmic patterns, compare melodic fragments, determine meter and key). The final three sections focus on written music theoretic concepts (key signatures, scales, and chords).

The evaluation is offered online, a link will be emailed prior to your audition. The results will be released online and discussed in person during audition days.

Adam Ricci, musictheory.net.

Brian Blood, Music Theory & History Online.

EarMaster, Understanding Music Theory.

Mark Gotham, Kyle Gullings, Chelsey Hamm, Bryn Hughes, Brian Jarvis, Megan Lavengood, and John Peterson, Open Music Theory, v. 2.

Erica Manzo, Summer Theory Mini-Course, University of Missouri.

Craig Wright, Yale Music Theory Course, Recorded Lectures, Yale University.