World Music

The World Percussion Ensemble (WPE) began in 1997 as the Latin Percussion Ensemble and expanded as the students' interests in different world music styles increased. It currently consists of Tiger Pans (Caribbean Steel Band), the Chiyedza Mbira Ensemble (Zimbabwe), and the West African Ensemble (drumming, dancing, and singing from Ghana). WPE frequently collaborates with specialists in these areas with recent guests including Nani Agbeli, Musekiwa Chingodza, Fradreck Mujuru, and Tom Miller. The group performs two concerts per year on campus, in addition to a variety of performances in public schools and in the community. In 2018, the Chiyedza Mbira Ensemble was selected through competitive application to perform a Showcase Concert at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Indianapolis with special guest Musekiwa Chingodza.  The WPE is directed by Megan Arns and Julia Gaines.

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World Music Faculty

Associate Professor, Percussion
301 Sinquefield Music Center