Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music

The BA degree requires fewer music credits (40) than the professionally-oriented BM degrees (approximately 80-90), thereby making more hours available for non-music courses. The degree does, however, require a well-rounded set of courses that provide a solid musical foundation. In addition, the student has the flexibility to pursue a secondary area of interest. Most students pursuing a double major (music and another field) choose the BA degree.

All applicants must audition on the major instrument or voice and be accepted by the faculty in that area. 

(a maximum of 40 credit-hours of music may be counted toward graduation): 

  • Music Theory: 16 
  • Music History: 9 
  • Applied Courses: 10 
  • Ensemble Courses: 4 
  • Capstone Course: 1 hour; Music 3085 (Problems). Students must either create a portfolio of musical experiences or present a half-hour recital with program notes*. 
  • Recital Attendance: 0 hours; Students must enroll in Music 1091 and earn a grade of S (satisfactory) for five semesters. The student will receive a grade of S if they attend the required number of convocations and recitals/concerts listed on the syllabus. 

*Students electing to present a recital must co-enroll in applied lessons (MUS_APMS 3455) during the recital semester, even if 2 or more credits of 3455 have been previously completed. 

All music courses must be completed with a grade of C- or higher. 

Refer to the appropriate graduation plan in the "PDF Documents" menu on the right-hand side of this screen.

It may be possible to test out of certain non-music requirements or be excused on the basis of Advance Placement or Dual Enrollment credit (see “Advance Standing Options” in the Undergraduate Catalog). All non-music transfer credit is approved and evaluated by the Office of Admissions. 

Grades of D may not be used to fulfill music requirements without the approval of the advisor, Associate Director or Director, and the Dean; and the student must achieve an overall average of 2.0 in all courses taken. 


BA Advisors:

Kay Gregory
Academic Advisor

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