Student Recital Info

Recital Program and Promotional Guidelines 

  1. Use the Student Recital Program Template (under the PDF section to the right) to create your program. Please refer to the Sample Recital Program PDF and Recital Program Style Sheet PDF for formatting questions.
  2. Print copies of your program, double-sided to include the accessibility statement on the back, on a cream/beige color to stay consistent with all other programs. Copies of your program can be left on a stand outside of your recital venue.
  3. The week of your recital, email a copy to for archival  purposes and for the FAB lobby display case (if applicable).
  4. If you would like to create a slide to promote your recital on the SMC or FAB lobby screens and online calendar, please follow these guidelines (if you do not submit a slide, a generic one will not be made for you): 
    1. Size for TVs - 1920x1080 pixels; JPG or PNG format
    2. Size for calendar - 956x620 pixels; JPG or PNG format
    3. Submit images (sized for tv and calendar) to Joanna Griffith ( Screens are changed once a week on Fridays. Please send your image by 10am on the Thursday prior to when you would like it to be advertised.  

Note: There is a $100 recital fee for solo recitals, and a $75 fee each for joint recitals.  There is a $25 fee for changing a recital date after recital confirmation.

Recital Scheduling and Reservations

Student degree recitals should be requested by the applied music faculty member through the EMS calendaring system.  Paper forms are no longer in use.

Standard Recital Times (no deviations allowed):

Student Recitals:
12:30 pm (weekend only)
2:00 pm (weekend only)
3:30 pm (weekend only)
7:00 pm
8:30 pm 

Recital Scheduling

1. Non-percussion recitals are allowed time in the performance space 30 minutes prior to recital time and one hour after recital start.  I.e. a 2:00 pm recital would be reserved from 1:30-3:00 pm so there is sufficient time for the next recital to prepare. One week before the recital, if the room is still available, the reservation can be extended per email request to Susan Worstell, worstells@missouri.eduPercussion recitals are allowed 2 hours in the hall prior to the recital starting for setup. It is recommended that percussion recitals start at 12:30, or 7:00 to allow for this extra time.

2. Cannot schedule over another SOM faculty or large ensemble event. 

3. Can only schedule solo student recitals over Odyssey events where SOM faculty and/or students are not performing. 

4. To see all events scheduled in either recital hall or off campus – choose the views setting in EMS.  Instructions are included in the tutorial found at EMS Calendar Tutorial, around 5:15 marker. 

When can you start scheduling recitals? 

2021-2022 academic year 

Faculty, guest (if approved), and studio recitals: April 1, 2021

Student degree recitals: August 30, 2021 

Student non-degree recitals: September 20, 2021 

Last day for recitals for Fall 21 semester: December 5, 2021 

Last day for recitals for Spring 22 semester: May 1, 2022 

2022-2023 academic year 

Faculty, guest (if approved), and studio recitals: April 4, 2022

Student degree recitals: August 29, 2022 

Student non-degree recitals: September 19, 2022 

Last day for recitals for Fall 22 semester: December 4, 2022 

Last day for recitals for Spring 23 semester: April 30, 2023 

2023-2024 academic year 

Faculty, guest (if approved), and studio recitals: April 3, 2023

Student degree recitals: August 28, 2023 

Student non-degree recitals: September 18, 2023 

Last day for recitals is the Sunday before the last day of class