Music Theory

The study of music theory centers on interpretative acts that range from the conceptual to the practical. Our program is designed to engage students in the scholarly and pedagogical aspects of the discipline.

At the University of Missouri, we invite students to explore the many ways of understanding music. Our scholars engage in active listening, vibrant discussions, and thoughtful analysis through compositions, collaborative presentations, and research projects. The skills gained through these activities are essential for those who wish to pursue careers in education, performance, composition, or the academic study of music.

The School of Music offers a comprehensive range of music theory courses for non-majors, music minors, and those majoring in music at the undergraduate or graduate level. In addition, two theory degrees are offered: a BM in Music Theory and a MM in Music Theory. These specialized degrees provide our scholars with the skills to successfully teach music theory in a variety of educational settings and the foundation for further study at the master’s or doctoral level.

Music Theory Faculty

Associate Teaching Professor, Music Theory
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Music Theory Area Coordinator
307 Sinquefield Music Center
Assistant Teaching Professor, Music Theory
310 Sinquefield Music Center
Instructor, Voice and Music Theory
219 Fine Arts Building
Associate Teaching Professor
Assistant Director of Athletic Bands, Arts Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Percussion
302 Sinquefield Music Center